Chief Founder and CEO

Said Bilani

Said Bilani is a Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Political Strategist, TV Commentator, an Analyst and Advisor on U.S. Domestic & Foreign Policy and is a Consultant on Education policy and reform, as well as development and re-development, and matters of national and international security.

Mr. Bilani holds extensive domestic and international experience and has consulted, negotiated, and advised businesses, governments, and international institutions and organizations. He formerly served at The White House and at the U.S. Department of State. He is a Teaching Fellow at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government in its Executive Education programs. At the heart of Said’s humanitarianism is his founding and leading of Washington-based, The Institute for Middle East Peace. The Institute for Middle East Peace strives to inspire the next generation of leaders in the Middle East through educational, cultural, developmental, and humanitarian programs.

Mr. Bilani is an acclaimed TV Commentator, whose appearances on newscasts reach an approximate 28 million weekly viewers throughout the Middle East and North Africa region, and beyond, to Al Hurra News, Asharq News and Bloomberg Business, MTV Lebanon, TRT Arabi and TRT World, Al Ghad TV, France 24, Al Qahera News, Kurdistan 24, Sky News, and Al Jazeera, and is often featured as a Washington D.C. expert and pundit. A Gates Millennium Scholar, Said completed his Bachelor’s degree at Georgetown University, concentrating in International Affairs, and earned his Master’s degree from Harvard University in International Education Policy. Said earned a Master of Arts in National and International Security at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS) and is currently pursuing and completing a Doctoral degree at the University of Miami.