21st Century AEYE

Unleashing the Future of Weapons Detection

Our State-of-the-Art Weapons Defense and Detection Platform combines the power of Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Machine Learning (ML) to detect, locate, and instantly alert of active shooters and other weapons-related threats, keeping you, your organization, and your peoples safe and secure.

Experience the cutting edge of threat detection with 21st Century AEYE

Our 21st Century AEYE defend platform meticulously analyze live video feeds, rapidly identifying and classifying firearms, knives, explosives, and other weapons with exceptional accuracy.
Unparalleled Precision and Speed
Geo-Located Threat Identification
Real-Time Situational Awareness

Our Industry Solutions

Operating Model

The 21st Century AEYE defend platform integrates within a school’s CCTV system infrastructure and employs Artificial Intelligence-powered technologies to detect, locate, and alert of weapons in real time. If a weapon appears in a camera’s interface, 21st Century AEYE defend platform will discern the threat, geo-locate its position, and produce a real-time alert, pushed out to students, teachers, staff, and bystanders with the 21st Century AEYE defend platform supplementary App. Once a threat is detected, the appropriate first responders (both on-campus and local authorities) are also dispatched a real-time alert and a geopositioned location and are given the option to lock-down the school and its areas of concern, while triangulating the purported shooter’s location.

Why Choose Us

At 21st Century AEYE, we believe in the limitless potential of machine learning. Our platform evolves continuously, adapting to new threats and learning from every encounter.

Proactive and Solution-Oriented Approach for Rapid Threat Detection and Response

Actionable Smart Cameras: Enhancing Safety with intelligent Threat Detection

Unmatched Resilience: Overcoming Threats On-Site and in Real-Time

Fully Integrated Autonomous AI: Admins Take Control in Critical Moments

Unbeatable Cost-Effectiveness and Sensitivity with Real-Time Weapon Detection