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Innovating the Future - R&D (Research/Development)

Our unwavering commitment to research and development drives us to constantly push boundaries and pioneer new solutions and technologies. Through continuous innovation, we stay at the forefront of the industry, ensuring our clients benefit from the latest advancements.

Harnessing AI for Unmatched Performance - Cutting-Edge AI Development

Our cutting-edge AI development empowers us to deliver unparalleled performance. By leveraging advanced algorithms, machine learning capabilities, and a data-driven approach, we create solutions that enhance security and surveillance systems, providing our clients with advanced levels of protection.

Seamless Integration and Cross-Functionality - Functionality

Our solutions are designed to be cross-functional, seamlessly integrating with different CCTV/IP cameras and easily integrating into pre-existing camera and security infrastructure. Experience the convenience and flexibility of our products, as they effortlessly adapt to diverse environments, ensuring compatibility and efficient collaboration across various systems.

Swift and Efficient Threat Detection - Reliability

Our system boasts an autonomous detection and location alert mechanism that ensures quick and efficient identification and alerting of threats. With our reliable solution, you can trust in our ability to promptly respond to potential security risks, providing you with peace of mind and minimizing any potential harm.

Versatility for Every Sector and Industry - Scalability

Our comprehensive solutions cover a wide range of sectors and industries, making them applicable in various environments. With seamless integration alongside other layers of security, our scalable approach ensures that our products adapt to your specific needs, providing comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Operating Model

The 21st Century AEYE defend platform integrates within a school’s CCTV system infrastructure and employs Artificial Intelligence-powered technologies to detect, locate, and alert of weapons in real time. If a weapon appears in a camera’s interface, 21st Century AEYE defend platform will discern the threat, geo-locate its position, and produce a real-time alert, pushed out to students, teachers, staff, and bystanders with the 21st Century AEYE defend platform supplementary App. Once a threat is detected, the appropriate first responders (both on-campus and local authorities) are also dispatched a real-time alert and a geopositioned location and are given the option to lock-down the school and its areas of concern, while triangulating the purported shooter’s location.

Interior Security

We work with you to identify critical points to monitor inside your buildings to protect against an active shooter threat. Our 21st Century AEYE defend platform gives exact location details of the threat so first responders and security teams have more time to secure your buildings.

Entrance & Exit Security

Security measures like locks and deterrents for windows and doors, security systems (like metal detectors) and access controls all help deter an active shooter from entering your building – but many times they aren’t enough. We help you analyze your camera placement within your property to ensure that if an intruder is trespassing on your property and presents an immediate threat, our 21st Century AEYE defend platform, locate and alert of the threat immediately.

Hallways & Stairwell Security

Hallways and stairwells are choke points for an active shooter threat. In an emergency they can quickly become congested with panicked crowds, and if left unmonitored, can become dangerous bottlenecks. Our 21st Century AEYE defend platform integrates with your cameras monitoring these chokepoints and provides real-time location updates of where the threat is in the building and where they travel to so first responders have critical information to apprehend the shooter.

Common Areas & Lobby Security

Common areas such like lobbies, cafeterias, and shared meeting spaces are easy targets for active shooters. They’re often crowded and bustling, and with limited security measures, can be dangerous spaces in an emergency. Our 21st century AEYE defend platform integrates with the cameras you already have monitoring these areas to alert your security team and first responders of a visible weapon in as fast as 3-5 seconds.

Exterior Security

Active shooter threats come from the outside – keeping weapons out of your buildings is vital to combating a mass shooting inside. Our 21st Century AEYE defend platform integrates with your current security cameras to detect visible weapons in parking lots, streets, parks and public spaces – even in crowded areas.

Street, Park & Public Space Security

Streets and spaces like parks outside of buildings see mass traffic from the general public, and if your building is open to the public, present constant threats from the outside. Monitor any public space outside of your building 24/7/365, non-invasively, with our 21st Century AEYE defend platform – before the threat enters your buildings.

Parking Lot Security

Parking lot areas present the most common staging areas for active shooters. They park and arm themselves, often with assault rifles and other weapons in plain sight, before walking toward the building they plan to attack. While your security team is unable to monitor all your cameras all the time, 21st Century AEYE’ A.I. weapon detection software, coupled with our human verification, alerts security and first responders of a visible weapon in as fast as 3-5 seconds of detection to save time and save lives.

Crowd & Concert Security

Crowds outside of your buildings are virtually impossible for your security staff to fully monitor, let alone detect a brandished weapon in real time before shots are fired. Our 21st Century AEYE defend platform easily distinguishes weapons from crowds, needing only 10% of the weapon visible to make a detection, even on dark backgrounds.

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